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Lifeplus Foundation: where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Lifeplus Foundation supports much more than just individual community projects as each one is part of a larger overall program focusing on long term sustainable development. This is particularly true of our specific support for the shared program of The Water Project /ASDF (African Sand Dam Foundation) in southeast Kenya. Project types in this area include constructing sand dams and adjacent wells for critical water access as well as rainwater harvesting systems at local schools to provide water coverage for families both at home and at school.

Dovetailed with these water-focused projects in Kenya are education programs designed to help these largely agricultural communities leverage their new water resources even more effectively. These programs include instruction in climate-smart agriculture, drought-tolerant seed distribution (seed farms), along with tools, hygiene and sanitation education. With the long-term in mind, each community self-help group has a dedicated field officer who works with its members over a five-year period to identify areas of development that will bring their communities out of extreme poverty and into sustainable, and improving, living conditions.

Lifeplus Foundation invests all of its donations. Not only in the project components ('hardware') and the training ('software') but also in building capacity to improve. This is done through:

Solving water issues in the developing world can be complex. But with the help of kind donations, the Lifeplus Foundation can continue to fund solutions to the water challenges people face daily. If you would like to get involved please visit the Lifeplus Foundation website and give now.