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140,624 Euros raised from the Lifeplus Foundation Fundraising Weekend in Cologne!

Thanks to another incredible year of fundraising by passionate supporters of the Lifeplus Foundation, we are able to continue funding and overseeing climate-smart, ongoing water solutions for communities who have never had safe, local water. Happily, our 2017 goal of bringing water to one more community in rural Kenya has been far exceeded. As a result of the Lifeplus Foundation Fundraising Weekend in Cologne, Germany, not one but three communities in total will now have water for their daily needs! This means there will be clean water for drinking, more reliable food sources, and better overall health. Children will be able to stay in school instead of walking hours to collect water that is often unsafe. Specifically, this means that three sand dams, three adjacent community wells, and three schools with 104,000 cubic meter rainwater harvesting systems and handwashing stations are now funded and underway. And as these communities are all located within the same region as our existing water projects, this means the Lifeplus Foundation really is making a positive change to a single geographical region in Southeastern Kenya.

Thank you for helping to change thousands of lives and for giving people in need a real chance to reach their potential. We will be updating you on the progress and impact these projects are making in the coming months.