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Create your own Lifeplus Foundation campaign!

Now you and your team can choose a community water solution in southeastern Kenya that will be put in your care from start to finish!

Collect donations or organize your own fundraising activities and fund a sand dam, a community well, or a school. Once all of the needed funds are received, the water project will be designated to you or your team. You will know where it is, how many people will benefit, and when it will be finished. Updates and images will be available during construction so you can keep up with the progress of your project. Not only will you have the pleasure of knowing that you have provided water to many people but also, your team name will be engraved at the project site and entered as a permanent township record! Email ConnectWithUs@lifeplusfoundation.com for more information and to adopt a project.


EUR 22,445
USD 23,678
EUR 16,935
USD 20,000
EUR 10,584
USD 12,500

Fundraising tools are here!

For those of you who choose to start your own fundraising activities – we want to help you make it great! Now you can download media resources, helpful fundraising ideas and tips, sample letters, logos, and posters. These will help to streamline your fundraising efforts and make it more successful and fun!


Fundraising Tips and Ideas

15 Facts About Water

Lifeplus Foundation: What We Do and How We Do It

Fundraising Posters

Fundraising Goal Poster

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Run the World

Donation Letters

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Water Donation Letter

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Logo with Tagline—Blue

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Crowdfunding using websites like Leetchi is a popular way of collecting monetary donations online. If you are interested in using Leetchi or another crowdfunding website for your Lifeplus Foundation campaign, listed below is the Lifeplus Foundation's banking information:


Bank of America

IBAN: DE23 5001 0900 0020 8070 11

Swift: BOFADEFX asdf